Nominate a SWS Kid of The Month!

 Every month we acknowledge the awesome work of SWS children as we recognize 2 kids as the "SWS Kid of The Month".  We are looking for kids in the 6 - 11 and 12 - 18 age group.  They must exemplify the mission of Serving With Smiles which is to work hard, have compassion, serve and be a leader.  Sometimes these kids show these characteristics out in the open and sometimes, nobody knows about their service but their families in their homes.  Wherever these super kids are, we want to hear about them!  Send in your nomination in to   and our "Secret SWS agents" will decide who will receive the "SWS Kid of The Month" award.  Please give our agents a detailed description of their qualifications so they can make a clear choice.  Thanks for making this world a better, happier place!