Leadership Opportunities


At Serving With Smiles, one of our mission statement goals is to teach and inspire children to be LEADERS.  The best way for the children of SWS to gain leadership experience is by......coming!  After a while, the kids grow and learn and want to teach the younger kids how each project works.  It is so amazing to see these children actually grow up with SWS and gain a love for serving and THEN pass it on to others who want to serve also!  So cool!

Youth Group - The Youth group is for kids ages 11 and up. See SWS Youth group tab for more info.

Directors - Parents who enjoy coming to projects very often decide to become a table director or help with other things like: check-in, project set up, youth groups, etc.  Contact Elizabeth Jeffrey if you're interested!  thejeffreyfamily@hotmail.com

Eagle Scout Awards  These have been a wonderful addition to our SWS projects!  It's definitely a win-win situation!  Contact Corinne Allen corinne@servingwithsmiles.com. Some ideas for earning your eagle award:

  1. Fundraise for humanitarian kit supplies, assemble them and bring supplies to a scheduled SWS project.  THEN you will be in charge of setting up, conducting, completing kit boxes, inventory and deliver of supplies to our inventory storage.  
  2. Collect money to purchase humanitarian kit supplies then host a service project on your own with family and friends.  Then donate to Serving With Smiles with a tag inside each bag stating "Made by ________ from _______".  If you like, we will ask you to speak to the children of SWS about your experience and feelings about service.  
  3. Make items such as quilts, blankets, school bags, baby booties, hat looms, t-shirt dresses etc. and donate to Serving With Smiles.  
  4. Come up with your own idea and let's see if it will work! 

Scholarship Opportunities - When SWS Youth are ready for college or job applications, we are happy to write letters of recommendations for group leaders who have assisted in the projects.  We consider a youth who has served as a group leader for at least 6 projects, qualified to receive a letter of recommnedation.  Contact Elizabeth thejeffreyfamily@hotmail.com or corinne@servingwithsmiles.com for more info.

School and Church - Acting as a group leader can earn you awards, recommendations and qualifications in your school and church aspirations.