Homemade Face Mask pattern

During Covid-19 epidemic, please consider making face masks to protect your family and neighbors! It is recommended to have three masks per person. 

When finished using a mask, do not touch the inside—with washed hands, remove from the outside and immediately spray with a hydrogen peroxide spray and then wash in hot (150 degrees) and detergent (see cleaning instructions for cleaning all face masks below).

These face mask patterns for adults and children from Instructables seem to be the best homemade pattern for protection. We do not claim that these provide complete protection, but something is better than nothing.  According to these studies from Smart Air, double layer t-shirt or pillow type cotton or cotton blend fabrics provide the best homemade protection and breathability (after two kitchen towels). Masks are also a reminder to not touch the face, which helps contain the spread of COVID-19. 

Instructions for cleaning face masks: