T-shirt dress Instructions

T-shirt dress video

Copy and print off these instructions and give to anyone who needs it!

These stream of instructional videos are proof that our organization is grassroots!!  Haha!  Just follow step by step to see these detailed instructions on how to sew a beautiful t-shirt dress.  
Thanks so much to Shauna, our Serving With Smiles Sewing Director for giving her time to make these video clips.

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SWS Origami Instructions

Serving With Smiles

Origami instructions

  • Find instructions from www.origami-world. for smallish origami figures that need 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 paper (a bit finer than computer paper).
  • Make a sample of the origami with a print out of your origami choice.
  • Place 4 - 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 papers inside baggie with instructions and example.
  • This is such a great toy for kid kits!  It's light, fun and fits inside any kit!

Cloth Diaper for newborn

Newborn cloth diaper pattern.  

We like this pattern because we have tons of flannel in our inventory and it's pretty simple for young ones to make.  
The website for this pattern is webpages.charter.net/rhamley/diapers/diapertext1.htm#pfold

How to make prefold diapers 
Infant prefolds (11 X 14 inches is a standard newborn size)
Prefold diapers are valuable for newborns because you can fold them to adjust the length and width as the baby quickly grows. When the baby grows out of the prefold diaper, it may be used as a liner (doubler) in larger diapers or as a burp cloth.
Cut a piece of flannel 23 X 15 inches. Cut a strip of terry towel 5 X 14 inches (I cut the terry a little shorter than the flannel because it can get too bulky if sewn into the end seam.) Finish the edges of the terry cloth with serging or a close zig-zag stitch.
Bring the two 15 inch edges of flannel together with the right sides of the flannel together. (The outside of the diaper is turned in.) Place one 14-inch edge of the terry strip on the flannel edges centering it from top to bottom.

Sew through all three layers. A serger is great for sewing diapers and especially finishing terry cloth edges, but not necessary. Continue with directions for either the enclosed method or the overcast method below.
Enclosed edge method:
Fold the flannel so the terry strip is flat in the center of the diaper. Sew a seam about ½ inch from the top edge. Sew a seam about ½ inch from the bottom edge leaving a 3 inch opening to turn the diaper to the right side.
Fold under the seam where you left the opening and top stitch it closed. This method encloses all edges and gives a neat appearance.
On the outside of the diaper sew a line of stitching on both sides of the terry. One line should be in the seam line of the flannel. Just eyeball the other line of stitching making sure you are sewing through the terry.

Overcast edge method:
Turn the diaper to the outside.
Fold the flannel so the terry strip is flat in the center of the diaper.
On the outside of the diaper sew a line of stitching on both sides of the terry.
One line should be in the seam line of the flannel. Just eyeball the other line of stitching making sure you are sewing through the terry.
Make sure the edges of the diaper are even and lined up. Trim a little bit if necessary to make sure all edges are even.
Using a wide zig zag stitch, overcast both edges of the diaper. This method gives less bulk in the ends.
A serger is perfect for this job but a wide close ziz zag stitch can work as well.
Newborn Prefold
Prefold diaper sizes:You can use these same directions to make prefolds any size you want.
The typical sizes for fully shrunk prefolds measure:
11 X 14 inches for newborn (cut flannel 23 X15 inches)
13 X 19 inches for regular diapers (cut flannel 27 X 20)
17 X19 inches for toddler diapers. (cut flannel 35 X 20)


Take a look at some of our previous Eagle Scouts!

Jacob Togisala

November 1, 2017
Collected items and assembled 100 kid kits
for Eyes4Zimbabwe

Bridger Harding

May 9, 2017
Collected donations to assemble 100 
Kid Kits for our friends in Zimbabwe!

Bridger Harding led his troup and our SWS group
very well and then inspired everyone with
words of encouragement to continue in service

One of Bridger's 100 Kid Kits ready to be
delivered to Zimbabwe!

The Roses getting Bridger's kits ready for delivery in Zimbabwe!

Liz delivering Bridger's kits and tshirts to the children
in the Zimbabwe village, Angwa

Brennan Newkirk
June 2014
Collected donations and assembled
100 kid kits! Donation went
with Corinne to Guatemala!

Brennan giving instructions and then
getting to work with his friends and family!!

Finished with Assembled kits!!

Very Happy recipient!!

Nate Keys
February 2014
Collected donations for and 
assembled 100 kits!  Donations will go 
to Honduras in March 2014

Evan Wright
September 2013
100 school kits for Zimbabwe

Talmage Swindle
March 2013
Kits for Ghana

Daniel Hampton
September 2012

Mitchell Jorgensen
November 12, 2011
Mitchell and his awesome family collected supplies for and assembled an astounding 180 school kits! 
That's a new record.  Thanks so much for your work and heart!

Joel Smalley
August 27, 2011

Joel and his crew (Mom) worked hard to
collect supplies for 104 school kits! 
He did a great job conducting and encouraging
the SWS kids to serve often and be happy about it!

All finished and ready to be shipped off!

McKay Christensen
June 2011

Ethan West
May 29, 2010

Ethan and his troup and family sold pizzas to earn money to buy supplies to make 100 school kits!  Wow!

Ethan fundraised money to buy kits, conducted, directed the assembling of kits at SWS and delivered them to their new destination!  Thanks so much Ethan!

Justin Rasband
February 2010

There was no shortage of fun with Justin!  He did a great job of talking to the kids about service!

Great work!

Seth Endamano
June 2009

Seth and his awesome friends and family fundraised to earn money to purchase supplies to make 100 hygiene kits!  They earned so much money that they donated cash to SWS!  Wow!

We felt honored to speak at Seth's eagle court of honor.  Great work!

May 9, 2009
Special 2-year anniversary project
(sorry, again, I don't have pics....)
Jake had high aspirations that we weren't sure could actually be achieved, but he did it!  He organized the fundraising and assembly of .....our very favorite, 100 newborn kits!!  Wow!  This is impressive because newborn kits cost about 2 1/2 times more than a hygiene kit!  Thanks so much Jake!

Caleb Thompson
May 2009
(Sorry, I don't have pics of Caleb, but here are pics of the recipients of his work.  Handicapped children living in a Haitian orphanage)

Caleb and helpers sewed 30 blankets to be give to orphanages in Haiti.  That is a lot of work! 

In hot climates, blankets are still needed!

Hector really appreciated the blankets for his wife and 4 children who live in a tent
Thanks so much Caleb!

Tanner Christenson
February 2008


Tanner put together a great project which involved fundraising for money to purchase 100 hygiene kits, organized a group of friends to help, conducted and spoke to the SWS kids and then arranged for kits, quilts and bracelets to be delivered to Kristie Rogers and crew for their trip to Honduras!  Thanks Tanner (and family!)