Do SWS wherever you are!

Can't come to a project? You can do what we do wherever you are! We are sorry, but our raw supplies are reserved for our projects, so we don't hand those out, but if you can donate your finished product to us, we'll make sure they're included in our humanitarian kits that we donate to children all over the world.



Click the item that you are interested in for all the details:

ABC Children's Books

Bead Gecko

Bead Value Bracelets

*Christmas Stockings (Fleece)

Cloth Baby Dolls

Cloth Diaper

*Drawstring Backpack Sewing Instructions

Flannel Baby Blanket 

*Sew Fleece Blanket Tutorial

Humanitarian Newborn Kits

Humanitarian School Kits

Humanitarian Hygiene Kits

Pasted Picture Books

* Origami Kit instructions

* School bag sewing instructions


T-Shirt Dress