The SWS Teen group for kids ages 12 and older
Join us for fun Friday night service projects 
while we play games and eat pizza! Woot! 
Bring $5 for pizza

Upcoming 2019 projects:
Friday, October 11 from 6-8:00 pm
Friday, November 14 6-8:00 pm

 Requirements to join:
  1. Age 12 years and older
  2. Able to perform projects without continuous assistance
  3. Want to work and serve others!

Makin newborn rattles, havin fun!

Gettin things done!

We work hard, serve and then have fun!

The youth group made this baby blankets that will be
used at our local hospital!

Say cheese!
Workin at home!

We start them young:)

Newborn hats successfully made!

Gecko pro right here!

Manly men can sew!
Her first baby layette!  Nice!