Projects History

Projects History 2007-2024 👊

Upcoming projects:
  • "SWS Youth" - Friday night 5-7:00pm projects for kids ages 11-18. Bring snacks to share!
  • "All SWS" - Saturday morning  9-10:30am project for kids ages 6+ and their families! Bring $5/person or $15/family suggested donation. 

  • SWS Youth. January 19, Friday Night Service Fun
  • SWS Youth, February 16 Friday Night Service Fun 
  • SWS Youth, March 15 Friday Night Service Fun 
  • SWS Youth,  April 26 Friday Night Service Fun

December 2023

  • 50 kid kits for children in Mexico!
  • Thank you, thank you to Linnete Wilson from A Child's Hope Foundation for sharing the miracles that come from service!
  • We are proud of our SWS Youth Council for their leadership - conducting, leading, serving, recruiting, and being examples in our community
  • T-shirt dresses, quilts, toys, baby dolls, books, and cloth dolls for children in Mexico and Utah
  • Welcome in the second generation of SWS kids! We are so grateful for our foundational families who make SWS a place we all love to be.

November 10, 2023 

SWS Youth Friday Night Service Fun

  • Corinne taught us how to make sleeping mats from grocery bags.
  • Shauna & Danielle bring back cool school bags
  • Laura led the charge to quilt three baby quilts
  • ABC Books are so valuable for orphanages

October 12, 2023 - Friday Night Fun serving others in need!

Third generation SWS!

Three quilts made to keep little ones warm

September 16, 2023 Saturday Project

  • Elizabeth Jeffrey was the guest speaker and taught about how service is magical!
  • Thank you to Lehi Bakery for the donated delicious donuts!
  • 40 SWS heroes made:
    • 2 baby quilts
    • 2 receiving blankets
    • Geckos
    • Bead Bracelets
    • ABC picture books

May 12, 2023 Friday Night Youth project

April 15, 2023 Saturday Project
  • Sarah Grill and Jill Brown from Lunchtime Service Events shared their awesome experiences
  • 50 SWS heroes made:
    • Baby blankets
    • Baby quilts
    • Bead bracelets
    • Bead geckos
    • Color pages
    • ABC picture books
    • Origami fish

March 11, 2023 Youth Conference

  • 40 heroes made:
    • 10 ABC books

February 10, 2023 Friday Night project

  • 20 heroes made:
    • Fleece blankets
    • Origami
    • Baby quilts

December 10, 2022 Saturday morning project

  • 82 heroes made:
    • Baby receiving blankets
    • Baby Quils
    • Bead bracelets
    • Bead geckos
    • Friendly cards
    • Coloring pages for retirement homes
    • ABC picture books
    • Origami

November 4, 2022 Friday Youth Project

  • 25 heroes made:
    • Kid Kits for children in Ghana
    • Bead Geckos
    • Fleece blankets
    • ABC Picture Books
    • Origami


March 4, 2022 Friday Youth Project

  • 56 heroes made:
    • Stuffed baby dolls
    • Baby quilts
    • Origami
    • ABC picture books

December 10, 2021 - 

  • SWS Youth heroes make 30 kid kits for homeless shelter
  • Annette's home


AUGUST 21, 2021 (After a long Covid absence)
  • Guest speakers: Elaine and Rich Corbridge, reporting on humanitarian trip to Uganda in May 2021
  • New SWS Youth council!

December 2020 - Serving With Smiles at Home

While we wait to gather as a group, so many generous 
SWS members have continued service at home.

Thank you for being angels to people in need❤️

Quilts made for Eyes4Zimbabwe and a local nursing home

Grandmas are the best!

Awesome family made quilts during family movie time. So fun!

Quilt making hero!

Marilee's friends and ward members have made 17 quilts 
for chlldren in Zimbabwe and local elderly friends in need of comfort during Covid restrictions. Thanks so much to:
Marilee Cole and family (quilts)
Karen Smart (quilts)
Asuka Wight (quilts)
Kaylee England (quilts)
Jamie Clement (quilts)
Jolene Hope (quilts)
Leanna Steinekert (quilts)
Claudia Johnson (quilts)
Selena Hreinson and Family (quilts and value bracelets)
Joseph Steed and BYU ward (100 humanitarian kits and quilts)
Hess Family (Bead geckos and loomed hats)
Asa Hull (loomed hats)

December 2020
When Eyes4Zimbabwe asked SWS for face masks for children in Zimbabwe, our heroes swooped in fast! In 8 days, we collected 687 face masks — some homemade, some store bought — all given with love and kindness. Thank you!!

687 Face masks, quilts, ABC books delivered!

Face mask making is a family thing!

Elaine Corbridge wins for fastest/best mask sewing hero!

November 2020

Thanks so much to Joseph Steed and his Brigham Young University friends for assembling 100 newborn and hygiene kits for our friends at Eyes4Zimbabwe

August 2020

Although the ability to meet as a group didn't last long, because of Covid, we were grateful for the chance to get together. Thanks to Shelby and crew for making it possible!

February 8, 2020
Humanitize Expeditions Guatemala
Lynda Martin - Guest Speaker

A big round of applause for these amazing SWS teen leaders
who literally ran the show with their organization, leadership, and courage

Jordan, the SWS hero, is a table director (a job  usually
only Moms can handle) and the SWS teen council!

Lots of new people who love to serve

Our SWS directors make everything happen

Rockin the talkin!

A born leader right here

Her willingness to lead is inspiring 

Thank you Lynda Martin! Your message about the children in South America
was so appreciated! Humanitize Expeditions does so much good.

December 7, 2019
Operation Underground Railroad
Salt Lake City, UT
Made 150 aftercare kits
Record number of attendees - 250 (thanks to JustServe)

Elizabeth Jeffrey and Corinne Allen love the opportunity to
serve all the members of SWS and those we send donations to

With so many people, we had to invent new spaces to accommodate everyone

We were so grateful to all the newbies who were referred from JustServe

Start 'em young!

Anderegg Family ensured smooth registration with so many new registrations!
Real smiles come from serving on a Saturday morning

This kid has been coming since he was a newborn!

She's happy because she's serving

SWS time is quality family time

Some heroes look like Moms who wear SWS shirts

May 11, 2019
Eagle Scout newborn kits for refugees 
Lisa Valentine Clark guest speaker

Not only is Logan our SWS Youth President,
but he is also our Eagle Scout hero, and provided
supplies to assemble 100 newborn kits for refugees!
What an honor it was to hear from Lisa Valentine Clark
from BYU TV. We are so grateful for your words
of love, kindness, and wit! Thank you, thank you!

Bring it on! Our SWS kids can assemble kits
speedy fast!

Sometimes, going to classes helps SWS grow!

SWS youth leaders are a great example!

Corinne, the Kit Master!


February 9, 2019
Kid Kit project 

SWS hero right there! Thanks Jordan!

Corinne creates a perfect assembly line!

Keepin' it real

 BYU/UVU students love SWS!

We love our SWS Youth Council!

December 10, 2017 Christmas project

Sweet Amy Garner & Shauna West made a very special quilt for Elizabeth Jeffrey from pieces of the 1,350 t-shirt dresses we made for our friends at Eyes4Zimbabwe. 

September 9, 2017 project and T-Shirt dress Super Saturday        

Among other things, our SWS heroes assembled
100 kid kits for the victims of Hurricane Harvey

Who's this?  She's Super Amy and has given immeasurable
amounts of time to make t-shirt dresses!

T-shirt dresses are a great way to teach kids
how to sew!

Thanks to Corinne for making the SWS
project happen!

Decker boys prove that sewing is very cool

Can't sew?  Ironing is important too!

4 generations of power women!

Thanks to Jen and family for all your hard work!

What's left of our Jeffrey family after 10 hours.  Phew!

Daddy's are entertaining sewers

From novice to pro

Have you checked out our t-shirt dress making video?
Here's the star, Shauna!
Mr. Cole is Mr. Cool
Corinne is an SWS hero!
Kathy and Alli make sure everything looks good
And at the very last second, our goal to finish 200 dresses
in one day was achieved!  Thank you SWS heroes!
Elizabeth was happy to share her experiences in
Zimbabwe with Sharisse

What an amazing group of ladies!

10 Year Anniversary Project!
May 9, 2017



These "mini kits" were perfect for taking to Zimbabwe!

Our superhero/eagle scout, Bridger Harding collected
supplies for 100 school kits!  Thank you!
Bridger's kid kits were perfect!

Corinne and Elizabeth.  We're silly.

Thank you to Ellie for sharing her experiences
from Mexico!
Thanks to Carly for making special cinnamon
rolls for our 10 year anniversary!

T-shirt dress and blanket making pros!
SWS Youth Council keeping everyone on track.

March 11, 2017

We love our March, Newborn kit projects!  In many places, a newborn kit can save a newborn's life because when a new Momma knows that there are supplies that will help her new baby, she will opt for delivering her baby in a clinic rather than at home.  A newborn kit is precious and contains: drawstring backpack, blanket, 2 cloth diapers, onesies, socks, baby soap and cloth.  
For this special project, we gave our long, lost friend, Coleman Decker the award for his years and years of dedication and service.  Thanks Coleman!  We were pleased to hear from our friend Jeff Rose from ZimbabWEcare talk about his latest trip to Zimbabwe and their efforts to help the people in the Bush and Dump towns.  He explained how grateful and happy the people there are and what an example they are to us.  We can all be grateful for the little things and be happy!

My adorable peeps!
Work and fun...too much fun!

Their pros!

Coleman definitely deserves the SWS award after so many years of service!

Assembly perfected!

Where's the other triplet?

Thank you to Jeff Rose for being our guest speaker
and teaching the kids about life in Zimbabwe!

December 3, 2016
Our SWS heroes made supplies for and assembled 150 Christmas Stocking kits for The Women's Rescue Mission of SLC, Family Support & Treatment Center and Second Chance Christmas Toys.  
Thank you to our guest speaker, Abby Parker for talking to us about your humanitarian trip to Brazil through HEFY!

Thanks to Natalie Greenwood for these great pics!
All these people put these 150 Stocking kits together.
Many hands....

Assembly line style baby!

Many of these 150 stockings were sewn by our
very own SWS kids and directors!

OK, I NEED another pic of Abby, but this cute
blondie was our youngest guest speaker ever.

LOL.  Just had to add this in:)

These stockings are sure to make a child happy!
Each stocking kit includes: stuffed bear, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, notebook,
 pen, bead gecko, value bracelet, chapstick, note from SWS kiddos and a toy!!


Lovin it!

Love these little people who do big things

Ellie helped give her teacher 70 stocking kits
 for Iraqi regugees with "Second Chance Christmas Toys"

The Jeffrey Family got to deliver the kits to The Women's
Rescue Mission in SLC.  It was wonderful to see
their sweet faces!  

September 10, 2016
Welcome back from Summer Break!  School is in session and so is Serving With Smiles.

  • The SWS youth group started making quilts, helping with kit assembly and more!  These older kids are so awesome!
  • The marvelous SWS kids made quilts, blankets, cloth dolls, bead geckos, value bracelets, picture books, book marks, coloring pages, loomed hats and origame! 
  • "DD" was our awards recipient and she said that she loves to do service and encouraged everyone to include people in their group of friends.
  • Kristie and Bob Rogers from "Smiles for Central America" talked to the kids about their dental and humanitarian service in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.  They serve the people and help prepare young members of the LDS church to serve missions!
  • Modern Woodmen of America generously matched donations made to SWS!  Thank you!

May 7, 2016

Happy 9 Year Anniversary Serving With Smiles!

  • These SWS heroes made 100 newborn kits for families in Honduras and Refugees in Rexburg, ID
  • We were also honored to see a wonderful video made by Michael Gray showing pictures of everyone over the last 9 years.  Tears!
  • Nate Hess was our SWS hero and collected layettes, socks and onesies for these wonderful newborn kits!
  • Thanks so much to Richelle Jolley and Sue Card for talking to us about the refugees in Idaho and around the world!

All your hard work paid off!
All the cool kids are doing it

SWS directors are the best!
Thank you to our fabulous guest speakers Richelle Jolley and Sue Card
We're a good team

Let the assembly begin!

These kids are pros!

Thanks Nate!

Super fun!

December 19, 2015
Christmas stocking kit project. We made 150 stocking kits to be given to The a Rescue Mission in SLC.

September 12, 2015

  • Cayden Huggard's Eagle school kit project.  Cayden rocked it and collected enough supplies and money to make 100 newborn kits!  Thank you Cayden (and Momma:)

May 9, 2015
  • It's hard to believe it and my eyes tell me it's true!  We've actually been serving with the most amazing youth in the world for 8 years!  May 9, 2007 was our first project and now these little tiny kids are big and getting ready to change the world in their own way.  I'm feeling so blessed to be a part of something so wonderful.
A Few of us stragglers got to take a pic with our awesome guest speaker
Wendy Bird from Pearl With A Purpose!
  • The Youth group under the direction of Taylor and Jessica came at 8:00 am to help set up the project and then start working on origami kits for the kid kits.  They finished 60 this morning!!!  Super awesome!  They also made quilts and school bags.  I dare you to show me another group of kids this awesome.  I dare you....
  • Then at 9:00 am, the next 60 kids arrived to make more items for our humanitarian kits!  They made bead geckos, value bracelets, quilts, school bags, origami, loomed hats, ABC books, new baby picture books and book marks.  
    topsy turvy view




  • At 9:45 we honored the wonderful directors who make these projects a success!  Thanks Aubrie, Shauna, Joel, Mark, Andrea, Valerie, Jolynn, Carol, Amy, DeAnn, Erin, Kristiann and Tonia!  Next, Eian was the awards recipient.  Thanks for all your hard work!
  • We then listened to the most amazing speaker, Wendy Bird from Pearls With A Purpose teach about serving and changing our motivations and intents so that we can be happy in any circumstance!  We were able to give Wendy our 50 girl and 50 boy kits from our March project.
Elizabeth, Wendy and Corinne happy to be together again
  • Then we assembled 40 newborn kits to give to our friend Daniela for her foundation, Small Candles in Nepal.  These kits included the quilts that our youth group, Amy Garner and so many others have worked so hard on this last year!  We also assembled 60 kid kits that will be given to Humanitize Expeditions in Guatamala!  
Precious picture books and ABC books.  Notice the
precious cloth diapers that our youth made!

Corinne is a master of kit assembly!  The left table is for kid kits for Guatamala
right side is the newborn kits for Nepal!

An assembly line like no other!

March 21, 2015
Brian Parrot from Humanitize Expeditions was our awesome guest speaker!
He talked to the kids about his humanitarian trips to Haiti
and the good that is performed to help the families there.
We saw lots of fun pictures!


We made 100 very special kid kits!  50 girl and 50 boy kits!  
The girls kit included a t-shirt dress and barrette that the youth group made!  This was definately an act of love because it took hours and hours!  We hope the recipients feel that!
The boys kit included a ball cap and t-shirt thanks to 
donations from our local American Fork Recreation center.

September 13, 2014
  • After a long summer break from SWS, we get to start again!
  • Corinne was scheduled to speak about her trip to Guatemala, but had to cancel because her Grandma passed away so our amazing friend Elaine stepped in at the last minute to share her family's experiences traveling around the world and in particular their time serving the Leprosy Colonies in India.  Her stories of love for those in need and seeking to understand people's needs was touching and helped us all understand that we can all make a difference wherever we are.  Thanks Elaine!

The SWS kids made 100 school kits!  80 kits went with Kristie Rogers for dental work in Guatamala and 20 kits went to Zimbabwe with "Eyes 4 Zimbabwe".
  • List of table projects completed: 2 baby quilts, 24 value bracelets, 6 loomed hats, 49 origami figures, 2 picture books, 6 bead geckos, 25 book marks and 9 girl dresses!  Go team!!

May 10, 2014
  • Heidi is with Eyes 4 Zimbabwe, a very inspired and dedicated organization that has literally lifted the circumstances and spirits of hundreds (maybe thousands) of Zimbabwe people.  They specialize in bringing eye surgeons to heal the epidemic of eye diseases that impact so many youth and elderly people there.  They also specialize in building the LDS youth of Zimbabwe and giving them the opportunity to attend week long conferences and assisting them to serve missions with their church.  
  • What an honor to hear from such a special lady.  Thank you Heidi!!

Heidi describes the living situations in Zimbabwe and
the miracles that have helped them.  She tells the youth
to thank their parents for teaching them to serve.

March 15, 2014
  • We were able to make 100 newborn kits to be given to our friend Kristi Rogers and her foundation Smiles For Central America to take to Honduras for their humanitarian dental mission there.


Richard Sharrah
  • We also heard from Richard's friends and ours, Christian Lambert and his son Hunter tell about their travels all over Africa.  They shared their testimony of service, compassion and gratitude!

See these videos that our friend Tyler took of these awesome speakers!

December 7, 2013
Sam Penrod from KSL news  came to talk about Humanitarian work in his field and some experiences that he has had helping others after Hurricanes in Oklahoma.  We were all inspired by his insights and experience. Thanks Sam!

  • 150 humanitarian kits were made for local homeless shelters and to our friends helping the victims of Typhoons in the Philippines.

October 7, 2013 SWS Youth collection for Zimbabwe

With only a very short notice, the SWS youth group pulled together an extremely successful "emergency collection" for the people in Zimbabwe through Eyes 4 Zimbabwe.  Oh how we love them!  

With only days to prepare we collected....184 School kits, 51 hygiene kits, 40 emergency kits, 8 newborn kits, 10 quilts, 1 bag of jackets, 2 boxes of girl clothes, 5 boxes boy clothes, 1 box baby clothes, 3 boxes of toys, 1 box of sheets, 32 ABC books, 2 boxes women clothes, 1 box men's clothes, 3 boxes of shoes and some canned food!  My suburban was filled to the brim (not accurately shown in picture).
Awesome helpers!

Eyes 4 Zimbabwe in the collection warehouse
 in Salt lake City
One of the warehouses used to
organize the donations

We have sent supplies with Eyes 4 Zimbabwe many times but this is the 1st time that I truly understood the drive and goals behind this amazing organization.  3 Angels started this organization.  We'll call them Lolly, Reeve and CC.  They are professional golfers and they are Mormons.
Reeve (center) is from Zimbabwe and long story short, she became Lolly (left) and CC (right) golf coach. 
Brief history:  These angelic ladies witnessed a very simple eye surgery for a Zimbabwean 12 year old girl.  The surgery took 20 minutes and cost $20 but the girl went from blind to seeing within hours!
 These ladies were so amazed and touched that they decided they wanted to fund raise and organize to provide this amazingly inexpensive and blessed surgery for more people in Zimbabwe.  Now, 15 years later they not only provide funds to give these precious surgeries but they also collect countless supplies from generous people all over the world to bless these people with their temporal needs.  They are true angels and I met them today.  I'm a better person because of it.

"For The Strength Of You" conference in Zimbabwe 2013

September 21, 2013

  • We're back and on track!
  • So blessed to hear from young Elizabeth Garces talk about her experiences serving in an orphanage in Ecuador with the OSSO organization. (picture please!!)
  • We completed 100 school kits and awesome Evan donated 100 more school kits for his eagle project!  Good work!
This is the "Origami Lady" and she taught our
SWS Youth group how to make origami like a pro!

March 9, 2013 6 Year Anniversary!

What a project!  We made 100  kits and collected clothes to donate to Ghana, Africa!
7:45 a.m.  Set up


8:00 am Youth Group

9:00 a.m. Project!!

This is how we started!

Sweet girl is an inspiration of service and love.  Good job!

Thanks to our Guest Speakers!

Time to assemble the kits!

We are ready to assemble!

Left kit:hygiene kit for Ghana.
Middle kit: Ella kits for local hospital.
Right kit: hospital kits for kids

Who's that handsome man?
Assembling Ella kits

These precious kits are named "Ella" kits.
They are taken to hospitals for Mothers who have lost their babies too early

Group Picture!
We love to serve!

Thanks for coming!

January 12, 2013
Shelley Elementary collection

Shelley Elementary Service Club

Thank you!

                                Band-aid donations for our hygiene kits

Each classroom competed to 

  •  It is amazing what the Shelley Elementary Service club accomplished this year!  They collected....40,000 band-aids and 1100 boxes of crayons.  Thank you!!

  • It's a new year and we have new aspirations and goals.  But before we move on, we talked about the things that we have accomplished this year.   In February 2012 we were able to hear from Wendy Bird from Pearl With a Purpose and we gave them 100 dresses, geckos and bracelets.  In March 2012, we worked with the Shelley  Elementary Student Council, under the direction of Mrs. Kukahiko to present a special "Alice in Serviceland" play for the students of Shelley Elementary.  This collection was so successful that enough supplies were donated to make over 400 hygiene kits!  In May 2012 we had our huge 5 year anniversary project which was a great success with 500 emergency kits created and we were honored to hear from Becky Douglas from Rising Star Outreach.  In September 2012, Daniel Hampton did his eagle project and organized the creation of 100 special hygiene kits for the Utah Food Bank.  In September 2012 we also donated 1,100 humanitarian kits, clothes, geckos, bracelets, ABC books, picture books and more to Zimbabwe.  In October 2012 we started collecting supplies for our upcoming Christmas project.  In December 2012, we assembled 60 kits kits, 20 Mom kits and 20 baby kits for our annual Christmas kit project.  These were donated to the Utah Food Bank, Indian Reservation, Crossroads homeless shelter and Hearts Knit Together.

December, 2012
Thanks to Linda Simmons from Hearts Knit Together for sharing her experiences and love to all of us!  At this time of year, it is wonderful to learn from people like Linda about how we can use our time and energy to bless people who need a lift and love.  

It has become tradition for us to create specialized kits for local homeless shelters at Christmas time.  For this Christmas project we made 60 kid kits, 20 Mom kits and 20 baby kits.  They were donated to the Arizona Indian Reservation, Crossroads in SLC and Hearts Knit Together in West Jordan, UT.

September 24, 2012
  • Daniel earned his Eagle Scout award with SWS and organized an awesome project to assemble 100 special hygiene kits for the Utah Food Bank.   This was a great experience to see this young man who has been coming to SWS since he was a little boy, put together such a great kit complete with shampoo, lotion and toilet paper!  Never stop improving!

August, 2012
  • The blessing of sharing with people around the world, people who are truly in need is joyful!  Take a look at some of these lovely people from Zimbabwe who have been helped by Eyes 4 Zimbabwe.  We donated 1,100 humanitarian kits and numerous other item donations to this organization.  Take a look at some of these pictures to see if anything looks familiar!!

Inside the hospital
Notice the newborn kit!
All these wonderful and beautiful women!
Newborn kits are so appreciated!


 June 2, 2012

We worked hard but had a relaxing project to try and recuperate after our huge anniversary project!

May 19, 2012
5 Year Anniversary!  This was a massive production that was a success thanks to so many people!  Chauntel Wirrick from the Pleasant Grove branch created beautiful posters and flyers that were distributed all over the valley.  Becky Douglas from Rising Star Outreach was our guest speaker and we were in awe at the pictures and stories that she shared about the leprosy colonies that her organization is healing in India.  We also loved being able to buy jewelry from these beautiful women in India with Pearls With A Purpose!

 All 3 branches from American Fork, Saratoga Springs and Pleasant Grove came together to work for 2 hours and be edified with the message of service.  200 people came and showed their desire to make a difference locally and world wide.  We made an astounding 500 kits that were given to the Utah Food Bank and Zimbabwe through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The children made dresses, geckos, fleece blankets, bracelets, quilts, blankets, picture books, ABC books and more!  Good work team and thank you for being the change in this world!

Arrive at the doors of Shelley Elementary
Registration for one of the 3 branches
Hall of pictures
Enter Service City!
 Now the adventures begin! 

Picture books are precious for school
children all over the world!
Bead geckos make anyone smile!

Beautiful beads galore
Serving With a Smile!

ABC books help children to learn
even older kids enjoy coloring the books!

Serving With a flrbt
Pictures for local Retirement homes
are always appreciated by our neighbors

Quiltting is no longer a lost art
with these kids!

Our SWS kids can sew with the best

The goal was to make 500 emergency kits!  We made it!
They included bandaids, small toothpaste, toothbrush,
soap, washcloth, granola bar, chapstick

Geckos come in all styles

So fun to work alongside the
Saratoga Springs and Pleasant Grove


Yes, our SWS boys are real men

Full house

This is the SS branch's specialty!

First time quiltting?  Great!

I absolutely love these dresses that Shauna and
crew made for Pearls With A Purpose!

Pearls With A Purpose 
sells their beautiful wares!  

Rising Star Foundation 
with Becky Douglas

Time for the assembly line.  
These kids can assemble 500 kits with 
their hands tied behind their backs!

Getting the kits ready!

Jennifer Paulson's SWS crew from 
Saratoga Springs

Charon Mouritson and Katy Walther's 
SWS crew from Pleasant Grove

Elizabeth Jeffrey and Corinne Allen's 
SWS crewfrom American Fork

American Fork directors and youth group

SWS Youth group shows Becky Douglas our cheer!
"SWS let me tell you what it means....."

Now for the highlight of the day!
Becky Douglas from Rising Star Foundation

Becky taught us about the compassion that drives all of our efforts and
showed us pictures of the precious people in India and inspired us
to keep giving all we can for love of others!  Thank you Becky!

MARCH 10, 2012
I don't have pics of this project but it was a great time because we started learning how to make dresses from girl shirts and fabric.  This will be an awesome way to improve our skills and service!  We also practiced the SWS Cheer.  You can see the lyrics for that on the home page

Serving With Smiles is so very grateful to local schools, Legacy Elementary and Shelley Elementary for their generous donations!  The Shelley Elementary Service Club was recently documented in the Daily Herald for March 21, 2012 paper.  Here are some pics from Barbara Christensen at the Daily Herald.  Shelley was amazing!  They put on a skit that I wrote called, "Alice in Serviceland" and did an amazing job!  The school of Shelley Elementary donated an astounding 4,000 items to SWS!  These items will assist us in making approximately 500 hygiene kits!  Thank you Shelley Elementary!

Shelley Elementary Service Club
Corinne and daughter Morgan. 
Elizabeth and daughter Sharisse

FEBRUARY 12, 2012

Here is Wendy on March 1, 2012 in India!  More stories to come....

Everyone that came to the project was so glad that they were in attendance to hear a special lady, Wendy Bird talk about the people that she helps in the Philippines and India.  Her organization "Pearls With A Purpose" is changing lives for many families in these areas and we are so happy to be a part of the answer.  We were very inspired to learn that not only does Wendy's organization help people, they give them the tools to become educated and earn a living.  Thank you Wendy!

JANUARY 21, 2012
It's a new year and we decided to ask the children of SWS their opinions about how they like the way SWS is run.  From the results of the questionnaire the concensus seems to be that the projects are too short, they love all the guest speakers (especially the "famous" ones) and trying some new table projects would be fun.  We're always trying to make things better and worthwhile so that everyone feels like they are using their time for good and productive uses.  Thanks to all the Serving With Smiles kids for your service and example!  You are an inspiration.

Daniel was our "Outstanding Service Award" recipient. 
He has a great ability with people at the nursing homes 
and can work like a horse.  Thanks for your example!

Thanks to Sam for making video on this blog possible

DECEMBER 3, 2011
In keeping witih SWS tradition, we assembled 50 girl and 50 boy kits for the Crossroads Homeless shelter in Salt Lake City, UT.  This is always a very special and fun project because although we usually give supplies to people far away, we remember that there are also people close to home who need a leg up.

Thanks so much to Ryan for sharing his experiences on a humanitarian trip to Africa this summer.  It was very encouraging to see pictures of kids in Africa playing soccer, helping their parents and singing songs.  Thank you for the reminder that we are all people trying to be happy, well and strong.
Also congrats to these kids for their example of helpfulness, strength and attitude!  You're awesome!

NOVEMBER 12, 2011

All the Serving With Smiles participants were very inspired by the wise and gracious words or our dear friends.  They reminded us that regardless of size, age, money or power anyone can make a huge difference.  Last year when she heard about the horrible Tsunami in Japan, she wanted to help them.  She had $5 and a huge desire to make things happen.  With the help of her good family they raised enough money to assemble and donate 800 hygiene kits!  That is amazing!  Thanks for your example and courage!

Thanks so much to Mitchell, another eagle scout, and family for 

giving Serving With Smiles 200 School kits!! 

Wow that is absolutely astounding!

OCTOBER 15, 2011
  • We love it when soccer season comes to a close!  When soccer and other sports start to slow down, then SWS has more participants!  This morning was our first time starting the SWS youth before our normal 9:00 project.  It was very successful because the SWS youth got busy making blankets, quilts, preemie blankets, geckos and hat looms before the project even started!  So cool!  At the end of the project the SWS kids had completed 2 quilts, 4 preemie blankets, 4 school bags, 20 value bracelets, 15 bead geckos, 3 hat looms, 5 picture pages and 20 ABC books.  Whew!  THEN, for the grand finale, in 15 minutes flat they assembled, boxed and labeled 100 school kits!! 
  • Thank you so much to all the SWS heroes who give their time, talents and genius to make these inspiring projects a success! we just need to find a place to send all our stuff:)
  • Some fun with Shelley Elementary Student Council and Legacy Elementary Service Council.  These hard workers made 50 ABC books for us.  Then we got to see the creators of the online sensation "Kid History" share their thoughts on service!  Too Fun!  Thanks to Mrs. Kukahiko for letting us help.


We feel really cool to be next to the Kid History actors!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2011
  • This was our first SWS Youth project for older SWSers and we had fun sewing, talking, looming and laughing!

Our awesome youth group made baby blankets for the local hospital. What a gift!

AUGUST 27,2011
  • What a great way to start the new school year!  We all had a break for the summer and now we're ready to go!

For his Eagle Award, Joel and his crew
worked very hard to collect
enough supplies to make 104 school kits! 
Wow!  Thanks so much Joel (and Debbie:)!
Assembly line in progress

 Only manly men can color ABC books
 JoLynn warming heads and hearts
 Leave it to the pros!
 Good work girls!
 Young quilter in training
 This is serious business!
 Now it's time to put it all together! 
(notice the beautiful bags!)
 Ship 'em out boys!
We finished 104 School kits, 2 quilts, 1/2 blanket, 10 geckos, 16 bracelets, 2 hat looms, 1 ABC book and 1 picture book!  Pretty darn good for 1 hour!  Thanks to everyone who came to give your time.  You're doing great things!

APRIL 23, 2011
APRIL 7, 2011
  • Shelley Elementary is wonderful!  This elementary school gathered enough hygiene kits supplies to help make enough hygiene kits for 2,000 people!!  Thanks Shelley!
MARCH 5, 2011
  • Another success!  We were missing 4 directors so it was a little tricky, but of course people swooped in to help and everything went great.  Jessica and David received the SWS service award.  Great job guys!






FEBRUARY 12, 2011
  • Super fun!  I think we completed another 80 school kits! 

We recalled a video that our good friend and previous SWS director, Jennie Amou-Berry showed us of her family's recent trip to her husband's homeland of Togo, Africa in 2008.  This video was very inspiring with the authentic music and vivid pictures with descriptive text telling our SWS kids how much their work meant to the people in Togo.  Thanks again Jennie for inspiring us so many years later

JANUARY 8, 2011. 

  • It's a new year!!  We completed 80 School kits and several other completed projects.  Our guest speakers were....ourselves.  Elizabeth & Corinne showed the children of SWS some of the highlights from 2010.  Let's take a look!  *January 23, 2010 was a project dedicated to helping the victims of the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  We supplemented the hygiene kits with peanut butter and water packets.  We also heard from our friends the Arringtons who adopted their 2 children from Haiti.  *May 12, 2010 was our very special 3 year annviersary project that we did with our Saratoga Springs compatriots.  We were honored to hear LDS vocal artist Jenny Phillips sing to us and tell about her experiences in Africa.  We also completed our 3,000th kit!!  *December 2010 was very rewarding when we received a thank you letter from the Crossroads homeless shelter in SLC telling us that every single child received a Christmas gift because of our work!!  So cool!

Good job guys!

DECEMBER 11, 2010
  • Christmas project was another special treat because we have made it a tradition to supply Christmas kits to Salt Lake City homeless shelters.  Over the last 2 years we have donated our Christmas supplies to The Crossroads Shelter.  This year Serving With Smiles gave them kits complete with items specifically for girls, boys, moms, babies and men. We completed 50 boy kits, 50 girl kits, 20 mom kits, 50 dad kits, 13 blanket kits and 12 baby kits.  So awesome!!

    Thanks so much to Dr. Paul Baird, local chiropractor and
    humanitarian for sharing your wonderful pictures and
    stories about the people in The Dominican Republic!

    Young and old can make a difference!

    Serving With Smiles!

    It's a family thing!

    Giggles are also allowed

    Our youngest SWS super kid!

    Our oldest SWS super hero!

    Suzanne Rogers & Corinne Allen are soooo excited
    about these beautiful blanket kits to be sent to
    The Crossroads homeless shelter in SLC

NOVEMBER 20, 2010
  • It was marvelous success with tons of enthusiasm!  We were honored to listen to LDS artist Liz Lemon Swindle tell about her work in Africa.  The children especially loved hearing about Kennedy, the little boy depicted in her famous picture of the Savior holding a small african boy.  Thanks Liz!  Thanks to the recent award recipients for their wonderful example and hard work.  You are awesome! Thanks also to the local primary class who donated money to SWS from their recent bake sale! 

Thanks so very much to Liz Lemon Swindle for sharing
your stories and pictures!  We will cherish the pictures
of the Savior holding the little boy from Africa and
are excited to share these in our SWS humanitarian kits!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2010
  • It was a new start after such a long break!  We were excited to reinstate our SWS excellence award to kids who have inspired us with their lives of service and kindness.  Way to go!

 Don't forget to nominate someone you have noticed who is
is an excellent example of a great SWS kid!
     What would we do without our strong teens?

May 15, 2010
  • AMAZING!  This was a project to be remembered!  First of all, we were so grateful to have the Saratoga Springs branch team up with us and be our guests.  Because there were so many people, we moved to a larger Stake building and were glad we did!  We normally hold our projects from 9 - 10 but decided to exted this project until 10:30, which in the end we were wrapping things up at 11!

The directors from the American Fork and the
Saratoga Springs branch!  So cool!

Don't forget the group leaders who keep the directors sane
and are dedicated to service!  Here are the leaders of tomorrow!

  • The project started out much the same as usual except we have about 8 more project tables available for the kids to choose from.  We enjoyed seeing some of the variations that the Saratoga Springs branch were doing at their projects.  Some of the exciting things that we did differently was the newborn kits and 3 quilt frames AND this was a lofty goal, but thanks to the amazing Suzanne and family and all the donations we received....we completed 300 humanitarian kits!!  We wanted to do 300 kits to declare our 3,000 kit completion at our 3 year anniversary project.  So awesome!!

Soap anyone?  We made 100 hygiene kits!

We were so excited to use these beautiful crocheted baby booties for the newborn kits!

Future SWS kiddo being held by a pro!  We completed 100 school kits too!

It takes a lot of diaper pins to make a newborn kit!

pencil sharpeners are a must but the amount of hand towels beats them all!

  • One of the highlights of the morning was the privelage of listening to Jenny Phillips, LDS vocal artist, talk to the kids about her testimony of service and the work her choir has done in South Africa.  She sang some very special songs that she wrote about her experiences while a slide show ran showing pics of all the wonderful children and leaders of SWS.  Thanks so much Jenny!

  • What's a party without a raffle at the end?  We handed out prizes and special take home thank you's with a seed representing the seed each SWS child has planted in their hearts for service.  Saratoga Springs brought the most awesome looking (picture anyone??) cake with a SWS logo on top!  Wow!  What a great day!
  • Thanks so much to Jen Paulson and her SWS Saratoga Springs branch for joining us for such a special day!  You guys are awesome!

 JANUARY 23, 2010 
  • This project was very special because just 11 days before, the terrifying earthquake in Haiti struck and you can bet that we were on the job!  We weren't suprised, but very grateful for all the donations and outpouring of love that the SWS members and even non-members showed to help the people in Haiti

 What would we do without Andrea andValerie?  They keep everything in order at the sign-in/donation table

Quiltting is no longer a lost art at SWS!  Our pros whip out 2 quilts every project!  It doesn't stop there!  Shauna has the kids learning sewing skills for making blankets, school bags and more!

Bead geckos are a favorite everywhere we take them!  Good work!

  • Now it's time to talk about the events in Haiti.  We listened to Corinne talk about Haiti and why we are helping them, then my husband Joel who went to Haiti in March and served the Haitian people on his LDS mission told the kids about the conditions there and why it is so important to serve people who are desperate.  Then we listened to our friends Shelby and James Arrington introduce their 2 children whom they adopted from Haiti and how grateful they are for Serving With Smiles. 

Yes, that cute belly is Corinne's pregnant belly. 

Here is my cute, leaky eyed husband Joel.  He loves the Haitian people.
No, I am not holding a doll.  That is my precious 3 week old baby. 

Shelby and her wonderful children that they adopted from Haiti.
The kids anticipate being able to help

  •  Now it's time to put the hygiene kits together!  This time, because of special circumstances in Haiti, we knew that people were desperate for water and food so we added peanut butter and water packets to our hygiene kits.  We hope to do this more!

Let the games begin!  What would we do without a soap tower?

Busy, busy bees!

Big and small, we take them all!

You won't see any bored people here!

We're super excited about the peanut butter packets and hope they really help people!

Time to start packin'

Packing the boxes is not a job for the faint in heart.  It takes skills man!

"TA-DA!!"  These 100 special hygiene kits will be shipped off to Haiti the next Wednesday! 

March 2009

Here are the wonderful Serving With Smiles youth and directors!

Laura told the Serving With Smiles children about her successful fundraiser at school. She raised over $2000.00 which was donated to UNICEF for the purchase of "Plumpy Nut," a food replacement that is used to feed malnourished children throughout the African continent.

Elizabeth congratulated Laura on her service project and
explained to the SWS children that they too are making a difference in the
lives of children throughout the world.

The children do 100% of the work assembling humanitarian kits!
They really do make a difference!

December 2007

This precious lady, Roseanne Gunther taught us on amazing lessons about using what we have; time, things, money, talents and give it to help others.  This beautiful quilt was a perfect example of this principle.  This quilt is a beautiful, bright quilt that was made from scraps that were about to be thrown away.  But her friend decided to use the scraps to make something marvelous!

May 6, 2007  1st project ever!!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead