Humanitarian Associates

Pearls with A Purpose, founded by Wendy Bird is another amazing foundation, committed to bringing women in the Philippines, Cambodia and India financial independence.

Rising Star Outreach. Sponsor a child in the Rising Star Outreach school for only $30 every month!

Humanitize Expeditions gives anyone the ability to travel to Guatemala to give humanitarian service!

Eyes 4 Zimbabwe gives the gift of sight to people in Zimbabwe who because of malnourishment can't see.  

Mandalay International  We buy supplies from this wonderful company that specializes in selling supplies for hygiene, school and newborn humanitarian kits.  They are in the Ogden, Utah area. 

Check out this awesome video from our friend Jenny about her trip to Togo, Africa. 

Healing Hands for Haiti with our dear friend Kathi Anderson.  They give desperately needed medical assistance and take our kits to help the kids.

The Malawi Project builds school for the children there.