ABC Coloring Books

See instructional video and instruction printout 
for personal use below.  Enjoy!

Can use these files for your own ABC coloring pages:
ABC book pages A & B
ABC book pages C & D
ABC book pages E & F
ABC book pages G & H
ABC book pages I & J
ABC book pages K & L
ABC book pages M & N
ABC book pages O & P
ABC book pages Q & R
ABC book pages S & T
ABC book pages U & V
ABC book pages W & X
ABC book pages Y & Z

ABC Children’s Colored Books from
“Serving With Smiles, Children Saving The World”
“As always, remember that quality is more important than quantity!”
Supplies needed:
  • 13 copied, white, cardstock papers
  • Medium sized, crayola type markers
  • Colored pencils
  • 7 Plastic sheet protectors per book
  • Yarn to tie sheet protectors together.
  • Copy the number of book pages you would like to accomplish. Make sure the copies are nice.
  • NEATLY, trace outside lines of pictures with marker and fill inside with same color (see examples below).

  • Please ensure quality here. This activity seems very fun for little kids, but if they are not trained, they have a tendency to treat this as a normal coloring project. Remind them that it is for other children in their schools and they need to be respectful of that.
  • When A – Z pages are complete place pages back to back in sheet protector.
  • Cut 3 pieces of yarn & tie together with yarn in 3 holes of sheet protector.
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