Humanitarian Newborn Kit Instructions

Humanitarian Newborn Kit Instructions from “Serving With Smiles, Children Saving the World”
“As always, remember that quality is more important than quantity! These kits are very precious to new mothers & the babies that use them!”Supplies Needed:
• 1 ½ gallon ziplock baggies
• Infant gown made from lightweight 100% cotton or knit. NO OTHER FABRIC WILL WORK! Sizes newborn – 6 months. Open gown with no zippers or buttons. Follow Available pattern if needed.
• 1 double receiving blanket made from cotton flannel or lightweight fleece. Or 1 sided medium fleece. 36” x 45”. For double sided, sew 10” square in center to keep secure.
• 4 diaper pins (not safety pins)
• 4 diaper cloths. Flat fold made of birdseye or diaper flannel (100% cotton) about 25”
• 2 bars of non-allergenic or Ivory soap
• 1 pair baby booties or newborn socks
• Small card that states who kit was made by. We put a tag that says, “Made with love from the children of Serving With Smiles in American Fork, Utah, USA”

• Fold blanket, infant gown, diapers into rectangular shape to fit inside baggie
• Place pins, booties, soap and card inside, so card is seen from outside
• Hold bag against your body and securely SQUEEZE air out of bag and seal thoroughly.
• It is very important to not let air seep back into the bag, so you must put finished kit into a
tight space. We always fill complete kits into a small box with other completed kits
IMMEDIATELY and then seal the box promptly.
• The bags really do inflate very quickly and if they aren’t promptly packed tightly, they will
inflate, which could cause the contents to get wet or pop.
• Label box with amount of kits and type of kits.

We gladly accept donations! Thank you!