Hygiene Kit Instructions

Hygiene Kit Instructions from
“Serving With Smiles, Children Saving the World”
As always, remember that quality is more important than quantity! Thank you for helping in humanitarian work for people you will never meet. Your kindness touches hearts for good!

Items needed:
• 2 – 16 x 20 hand towels
• 2 combs (preferably with no sharp ends)
• 4 toothbrushes
• 1 toothpaste
• 2 bars of soap
• 1 gallon-sized zip-lock bag
• 1 label/tag identifying the assembly team. For example, we have a tag that we insert in bag that says, “Made with love from the children of Serving With Smiles in American Fork, Utah, United States of America”

How to assemble properly:

1. Place 2 towels together laid out flat.
2. Fold towels widthwise in half, so it is long and narrow.
3. Now fold lengthwise in thirds and place inside gallon ziplock bag. This creates a pocket in the towels to place the rest of the items. You want to keep items protected so they don’t puncture the plastic bag.
4. Place 2 bars of soap on one side of pocket, on top of another, and next toothbrushes, toothpaste & combs (upright).
5. Put the label on the outside of the pocket so it is visible.
6. Forcing the air out of the bag is harder than it seems. First, hold the bag against your body as you force the air out and keep it tight while you seal the bag. Next, make sure to keep it in a flattened, tight situation or the air will creap back in making the bag susceptible to being punctured or popped. We try to do a marathon run of “stuffing” the kits into boxes as fast as possible and then immediately sealing the boxes so the bags can’t inflate. Make sure to immediately label number of kits inside box.