Quilt Instructions

Quilt Instructions from
“Serving With Smiles, Children Saving The World”

YouTube Instructional Video

“As always, remember that quality is more important than quantity!”
Courtesy of Amy Garner, Quilting Director

Approximate quilt sizes:

• Crib 45 x 60 Inches
• Twin 72 x 90 Inches
• Full 90 x 90 Inches

Supplies needed:

• Fabric. Cotton, cotton-poly blend or flannel (pre-shrunk). Only purchase tightly woven fabric. Sometimes stores will have sales on loosely woven flannel, but these do not wash well, so please don’t use this. Denim and corduroy are not recommended because they are heavy and slow to dry.
• Batting - 8 oz. bonded poly batting.
• Yarn - 3 or 4 ply acrylic or acrylic wool blends or heavy Cro-sheen. One average size skein will usually tie 3 baby quilts. Do not buy the sports yarn, baby yarn, silky or shiny yarns since they don’t wash well. “Chunky” yarns are difficult for children to use. Usually the regular, cheaper yarns work the best.
• Quilt Frame and 4 clamps.
• Large quilting tacks to secure quilt on the frame.
• Scissors for trimming yarn.
• Quilting needles - Larger eyes and sharper tips. Do not buy darning needles.
• Needle threader - Use solid metal kind.

Instructions for tied quilt:
“Pillow case method” is the easiest. With right sides together, lay top and bottom of quilt on flat surface. Lay batting on top. PIN (don’t get lazy) & sew 3 sides plus ½ of 4th side. Turn right side out & fold in and mend open space. Top-stitch around all 4 sides. Sew another row 1” from the edges to secure batting. This is so easy, because once you are finished with this, all you have to do is tie the quilt!
• Mark fabric with chalk to indicate where ties will be made.  Keep about 4" apart.
*Secure quilt to frame.
• Thread yarn through needle until needle is in the middle, leaving 2 equal lengths of yarn.
• Start with Square knot for first mark. Leave a 3 – 4 inch “tail”.
• Continue in a line or grid pattern using a “down, then up” pattern, leaving only a ½” to ¼” (the smaller the better) stitch underneath.
• Tie a square knot by placing yarn in a large “C” shape above the line of yarn of the previous tie and then taking needle UNDER that line of yarn and tighten. Then, place yarn in a large “C” the opposite way, on lower side of line and pulling the needle from top, go under line of yarn and tighten. This should make a nice knot. Tighten and ensure that there are no knots underneath.
• As each grid or line is complete, trim yarn to 3 – 4” and roll quilt in to allow reaching the insides of the quilt.
• When quilt is tied, you are finished!

Approximate costs are: $4.00-$8.00 per baby quilt, depending on fabric. Wal-Mart sells quilt size batting for over $5.  If you live in the Utah area, you can use a 40% coupon on Two for Tuesdays day at Roberts and pay only $3.57 for 2 crib sized batting packs!  OR if you use a 40% coupon at Joanne's, get an entire roll of batting to make 6 crib sized quilts and the price is reduced to under $2 per quilt!  Yarn = $2.87 per skein (Makes about 3 baby quilts). Thread = $2.00 per spool (Makes several quilts). Needles = $1.69 per package. Needle threaders = $1.69.

We would gladly accept your quilt donations! Thank You!