School Bag Pattern

School Bag Pattern
Remember that Quality is more important than quantity!

Items needed:
  • Heavy to middle weight fabric, strong and non-shrink.  14" x 36" for body and 2-26" x 3" for handles
  • Needle 14 or 18
  • Velcro 3" x 1", no stick on velcro
  • Normal thread
  • Safety pin
  1. Cut One piece of fabric 14" x 36" and fold in half to a 14" x 18", right sides together.  Seam 1/4 " allowance using surge OR zig-zag on sides and bottom leaving the top open.   OR  Cute 2 pieces of fabric that measure 14" x 18".  Place them right sides together.  Sew three sides using a 1/4" seam allowance then surge or zig-zag the three sides, leaving top open. 
  2. Thurn the open top 1/4" to the wrong side of the fabric to finish the edge.  Next, turn this 1/4" finished edge 1 1/2" to the wrong side of the fabric to make a hem for the bag opening.  Sew the hem.
  3. Cut two handles that measure 3 1/2" x 24".  There are two ways to finish these handles.  The first method is to fold them right sides together, lengthswise and sew and 1/4" seam lengthwise.  Turn the handles right side out (use safety pin to help pull it through) and serge or zig-zag the ends.
  4. Place one end of a handle 3" from the side seam and aligned with the hem.
  5. Sew an "X" at handle ends on bag top (about 1" tall).  Repeat for other 3 handle ends.
  6. Sew a 3" length of 1" wide velcro centered on the insides of the bag and hem. 


Thank you for participating!  We appreciate any donations you can offer! 

See this link for a video demonstration...