Baby flannel blanket

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Flannel Baby Blanket instructions
Remember that quality is more important than quantity!

  • Wash 2- 36"x45" pieces of flannel fabric
  • Iron.
  • Place right sides together and even out any bubbles or trim lopsided edges.  Pin around perimeter to hold fabric together.
  • With a 5/8" seam, sew right sides together (pulling pins out as you go).  Leave an 8" opening. 
  • Clip corners.  Pull right side out.  Push corners through from inside with a pencil.  
  • Fold opening in and sew with a close seam.
  • Mark center spot at the 18" x 24" quadrant (more like 17 1/2"x 23 1/2")
  • Sew a big "X", about 18" long at the center to reinforce stability
  • Bind edges and your done!
  • You could also embellish the edges or even crochet the edges for a personal touch!