About Us

"Serving With Smiles, 
Children Saving The World"
is a non-profit,1023 approved organization.

Our mission statement:
"We are committed to inspire and teach children
compassion, hard work, 
leadership and gratitude by
serving others in need."

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See below to get a feel for our organization or click on the left side links for more info.
If you have any more questions contact co-founders 
Elizabeth Jeffrey (801-716-0318 thejeffreyfamily@hotmail.com) or 
Corinne Allen (801-830-1441 corinne@servingwithsmiles.com

SWS, let me tell you what it means

We're Serving With Smiles, we gather monthly

We put together kits 

For Those In Need

We give them to people

We have not met

Because there are things they cannot get

Serving With Smiles, we're kids that rule!

One project at a time, 

We are changing the world!!

Thanks for taking the time to look at our SWS blog!  

We are committed to inspire and teach children compassion, 
hard work, leadership, and gratitude by serving others in need.