The children of SWS reach out to share their time and resources to serve children they have 
never met that are in need.  The children who are helped reach out with their smiles and good 
examples of gratitude, stamina and love.

July 2022
Kids in Mexico

June 2022
Kids in Romania

September 2019

Start 'em young!

This Eagle provided kits for friends in Zimbabwe!

 Bragging rights. My own daughter
was our fabulous guest speaker to share
about her ILP service in Costa Rica

Congratulations to Sam on a job well done!

July 2019
Kenya, Africa
Russ Anderson and team

May 2019
Humanities Expeditions

Image result for humanitize expeditions

April 2019
ILP Costa Rica
Alyssa Jeffrey

May 2018

* * * * *
May 2017
ZimbabWEcare and
We donated 100 school kits, t-shirt dresses, shoes, etc
delivered by our very own Elizabeth and Sharisse Jeffrey!

Well look at that!  Handsome little guy was shy about
wearing our SWS gift to him.

Families sitting in groups of kids, men and women and waiting
for humanitarian kits and clothes to be distributed

Angwa children are so grateful and gracious to receive school kits
and clothes!

Our ZimbabWEcare group at the airport

Jeff waiting under an enormous Baobab tree at the Doma tribe

I just love these precious children!

Dr. Lemon and his angel wife Mel helped thousands of people
with their medical ailments.

The Mommas of Zimbabwe are so strong and happy

Village of Kenyemba walking to receive medical and humanitarian aid from us

Funny story.  We donated this chapstick 5 years ago
and found it when taking kits apart for distribution!!

It was a blessing to find a person who needed this very precious shoes!

December 2016
Road Home Women's Shelter SLC, UT
Donated 50 Christmas Stocking kits
Family Support Center
50 Christmas Stocking kits
Iraqi Refugees
Donated 50 Christmas Stocking kits

September 2016

Donated 50 kid kits and lots of volunteer hours

March 2016
Smiles for Central America
Donated 100 kid kits

May 2015
Mind The Gap Worldwide
Helping victims of Nepal earthquake

May 2015
Small Candles
40 Newborn Kits

May 2015
Humanitize Expeditions
60 Kid Kits

March 2015
Pearls With A PurposePhilippines 
4 schools in Mercedes, Daet, 
Camarines Sur and Jose Pangineban
100 kid kits

December 2014
Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City
100 Christmas Kid Kits

September 2014
Smiles for Central America
100 kid kits

May 2014
Humanitize Expeditions
100 kid kits

Elaine and Corinne separating kits to have supplies for every child at school in Guatemala

Very Happy 5th and 6th graders receiving their kits!

These kids were soooo shy, but very grateful for their new school supplies!!

December 2013
Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City
Hearts of Thunder with Lori Pavicic

November 2013
Tacloban, Philippines
30 specialized emergency kits

October 2013
Eyes 4 Zimbabwe
100 hygiene kits

April 2013
Family Support and Treatment Center
Orem, Utah

March 2013
Ghana, Africa

December 2012
Hearts of Thunder
for Indian Reservations

December 2012
Hearts Knit Together in
Salt Lake City

October 2012
Utah Food Bank

September 2012
Eyes 4 Zimbabwe
1,100 hygiene, school and newborn kits.
Yes that number is right

May 2012
Healing Hands For Haiti

May 2012
Utah Food Bank 

April 2012
South Carolina after
Hurricanes devastated area

March 2012
Humanitize Expeditions

February 2012
Pearls With A Purpose
India Leprosy Colony

Wendy Hart from Pearls With A Purpose with an Indian woman
at the Rising Star Foundation in India.  Notice the dresses we made?

December 2011
50 Girl and 50 Boy Christmas kits

December 2011
Pearls With A Purpose

Wendy Bird from Pearls With A Purpose runs an amazing company that gives women in the Philippines work assembling jewelry that is sold here in the United States.  They were able to take 70 hygiene, 70 school and several bags of clothes and diapers to be delivered that week to the Philippines.
Here are more pics of the students that we sent kits to in the Philippines schools:

December 2011
Lori Pavicic and her "Hearts of Thunder" crew go to the
 Navajo Indian Reservations 2 times every year to
bring supplies, humaniatarian kits and even.....sheep.

June 2011

This story is a miracle!  Our wonderful Suzanne was flipping through the freecycle website and noticed a lady by the name of Shelley advertising that she and her family were traveling to South Dakota that week to help the victims of the floods.  She said they were in desperate need of humanitarian supplies so of course Suzanne gaver her a call.  Within a few days, Shelley was at Suzanne's house and had loaded half a trailer with supplies that had been waiting for her to come get them!

June 2011

December 2010

 November 2010
Dr. Baird


Little Girl Dress

2008 and 2010

Hearts Of Thunder


Decemeber 2009 and  December 2010

November 2008
Jenny Huggard

October 2008


When Serving With Smiles heard from a family member of Utah serviceman Kadleck that village children in Afghanistan did not have the basic hygiene items they needed, the SWS children prepared a special Christmas shipment of hygiene kits to send back with the serviceman. We hear that the children and families were very grateful for the kits they received.  12/2008

June 2008

The children of Serving with Smiles assembled 50 hygiene kits and 50 school kits and donated the kits to The Jenny Phillips Choir that traveled from Utah and distributed the kits to needy school children in Africa. The look on the little boy's face as he is opening a box of crayons lovingly sent from our SWS children makes all our efforts worth it!


September 2009

The children of Serving With Smiles colored, glued, sewed and assembled many items that were distributed to less fortunate children in Haiti.   
Our friend Jen Bainum took blankets and bead geckos to the orphanage where 
she worked to help handicapped children. 

This is Harold, Jen's guide and translator.  He was so grateful
for the blankets that SWS donated to his family.  He is the
father of 3 children and they live in a tent

The bead geckos were a huge hit with the kids!

Nice Blankets!

Thanks Jen!

Kathi Anderson, of Healing Hands for Haiti, told us that this little boy was elated to receive the picture book made by the Serving With Smiles children. He showed it to everyone and was eager to share it with all the other children. 10/2008

2008 and 2009
Honduras and El Salvador
Smiles for Central America

Kristie Rogers and her husband go around the world donating dental work humanitarian aid.  She reported about their recent trip to Honduras and spoke to the children about the importance of what they were doing and promised to return pictures so the children could see the joy they would bring to other children by their acts of service and hard work.  SWS gave Kristie 100 hygiene kits, 8 quilts and dozens of bracelets and geckos.  We also donated 20 hygiene kits and 25 ties for their trip to El Salvador in August 2009.

2007 and 2009

What a treat is was to have Roseanne Gunther come!  She spoke on the importance of humanitarian work and kindness in the world. We had over 100 children attend the project. Roseanne is a pioneer in the humanitarian world and has spearheaded most of the progress that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made regarding humanitarian work in the world. We were so blessed to be with her! She is a peacemaker and a warrior at the same time. Roseanne has been a tremendous inspiration to Corinne and Liz.  12/2007  Over the years, we have donated over 600 humanitarian kits to Roseanne to be sent to Iraq!


Roseanne showing the children pictures of where the humanitarian kits go after the children finish assembling them. The children were intrigued at the idea that the kits and other items go all over the world helping people they have never met! Many of the items that the children made this month were sent with Roseanne's organization to schoolchildren in Iraq.


April 2009
The Serving With Smiles children sent supplies with Kim Swallow and her husband to take to the remote and impoverished village of Huilloq, Peru in March 2009. The SWS children donated hygiene kits, reading glasses, sweaters, vitamins and more!  4/2009