Serving with Smiles projects calendar

New to SWS? Request a liability waiver and registration form from Elizabeth 801-716-0318 for all children under age 18. Thank you for joining us in building good in the world! All projects held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints building at 1152 N 400 W in American Fork. 

"SWS Youth" group is Friday night projects for kids ages 11-18. If you can, bring food to share!
"All SWS" is a Saturday morning project for kids ages 6+ and their families!

SWS Youth. Friday, 2/10/23, 6-8:30pm. 
All SWS. Saturday, 4/15/23, 9-10:30am. (SWS Youth come 7:30am)
SWS Youth. Friday, 5/12/23, 6-8:30pm. 
All SWS. Saturday, 9/16/23, 9-10:30am. (SWS Youth come 7:30am)
SWS Youth. Friday, 10/13/23, 6-8:30pm. 
SWS Youth. Friday, 11/10/23, 6-8:30pm. 
All SWS. Saturday, 12/9/23, 9-10:30am. (SWS Youth come 7:30am)

For those who would like to contribute but can't attend our projects, please consider helping by making your own contributions. Take a look at this SWS@home page for patterns and instructions or look at ideas below.
Email Elizabeth Jeffrey about drop-off locations.

We would very much appreciate if you could make these items at home, and bring them to us so we can distribute them to our contacts. Here are our most needed items that we think are great for making at home. As always, find instructions under the SWS at Home tab:

QUILTS! Quilts are the most important thing we donate because they provide warmth, comfort, and protection. Go to our quilt instruction page to learn how.
HAT LOOMS keep little heads all over the world warm. You can order a hat loom on amazon here. Make sure to not use thin yarn. 
BABY RECEIVING BLANKETS are also very valuable and we include them in precious newborn kits 
ORIGAMI is super fun for the maker and receiver. Watch our tutorial on how to make an origami kit
HUMANITARIAN KITS. Your group can make kits at home! We admit this can get really expensive (one of the perks of SWS group projects), but look for sales, get creative, and you'll know what to do.
SERVE AROUND YOU! SWS is not the only way to serve. Look for opportunities all around you to do kind deeds, give loves to someone who is lonely, and reach outside of our covid saturated minds. You've got this!

There are many organizations locally who could really use help. Please consider donating to them, or donating to us (humanitarian items, not food pantry items) and we give to them:
Tabitha's Way in American Fork

    Email Elizabeth Jeffrey at if you have further questions. Thank you for all you do to make this world a better, happier place!